Destiny Number

How to Calculate Your Destiny Number

Your destiny number is always calculated from the name you have on your birth certificate. Use the name exactly as found on the birth certificate even if you have never used it since.

Destiny Number

Always use the official name on your birth certificate. 

For example if the name on your birth certificate is Margaret but all your life you have been called Peggy, you still have to use Margaret to calculate your destiny number.

Your first name will tell you something about your life’s purpose. If you have a middle name it will say something about concealed capabilities. Your last name reveals some of the traits you may inherit from your family.

Each letter is given a numeral value.




































To figure out what your destiny number is start by writing your birth name on a sheet of paper.

Under each letter in your name you need to write down the numeral value of the letter.

For example:

John Peter Thomson


Next you add the digits in each name until you only have one digit left:

1+6+8+5=20  (2+0=2 ) The destiny number for John is 2

7+5+2+5+9=28 (2+8=10) (1+0=1) The destiny number for Peter is 1

2+8+6+4+1+6+5=32 (3+2=5) The destiny number for Thomson is 5

Finally add the destiny numbers of your individual names until you are left with one digit.

For John Peter Thomson it would be 2+1+5=8. His destiny number is 8.

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If you have a suffix to your name such as Junior (Jr.), Senior (Sr.), The third (III) or whatever you do not use these when calculating your destiny number.

You may argue that in that case your destiny number will be exactly the same as another family member.

That is true, but your final numerology chart will end up to quite different as your destiny number is only part of the equation.

Other parts of numerology include your soul number, life path number, personality number and maturity number.

The only exception to reducing your numbers to one final digit (also called the root number) is if you in the process end up with the 11, 22 or 33.

These numbers are called Master numbers and are quite exceptional.

The Master numbers are loaded with energy and need very special attention.

Here is a short overview of the destiny numbers.

Number 1

People with this number should strive to be leaders. They need to be the one who take initiative and take control. These people think for themselves and do not automatically follow the crowd.

Number 2

People with this number are team players. These are typically diplomats and have special abilities to create harmony.

Number 3

People with this number are very inspirational to others. They are positive and enthusiastic. They master the art of bringing out the best in others.

Number 4

People with the destiny number four are called to maintain order and security. This is about organizing and building something that will last for a long time. These people work hard.

Number 5

These people should have freedom. Their destiny is to explore, discover new things and embrace change.

Number 6

These people are meant to love and care for their closest family and friends. They see the needs of others and do something about it.

Number 7

This is about going into to depth of whatever you are researching. Perfection is another virtue of the number 7. This person is to find wisdom and share that wisdom with others.

Number 8

This person should have success in business. It is all about authority and power. This is a road towards material wealth brought about with integrity.

Number 9

These people need to generously reach out to the world and work to unite, heal or help in whatever manner possible. This is unconditional love that goes far beyond the immediate family.

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  1. It says add up the numbers until there is only one digit. So for anyone saying they have a number higher than 9 please read the directions more carefully.


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