Number 8 in Hinduism

 Number 8 in Hinduism

Discover where you find the use of number 8 in Hinduism.

Compatibility in Marriage

Many Hindus may compare horoscopes to make sure a woman and a man are compatible for marriage.

Marital compatibility is based on eight parameters.

Each of the parameters gives a certain amount of marks, adding up to 36 marks.

If the couple has at least 18 marks, they will be fine and it is safe to get engaged.number 8 in hinduism

Varna  ego development 1 mark 
  Vashya  mutual attraction 2 marks
Tara Din  health and wellbeing 3 marks
Yoni  biological compatibility 4 marks 
Graha Maitri  intellectual and spiritual level 5 marks
Gana  temperament  6 marks
Bhakut  family welfare 7 marks
Nadi  appearance and health 8 marks




Yasoda Adorning KrishnaKrishna is considered to be the eighth avatar of Vishnu.  Krishna was the eighth son of princess Devaki, and her husband Vasudeva.

Vasudeva had a cruel brother who ruler the kingdom. His name was King Kansa. There was a prophecy that he would be killed by Vasudeva’s eighth son.

When Krishna was born his parents feared for his life knowing that the King Kansa would have the baby killed.

In order to save his life Krishna was quickly and brought to the couple named Yasoda and Nanda who became his foster parents.

When Krishna became an adult he murdered his evil uncle and the prophecy was fulfilled.

Krishna had eight primary wives. A story of Krishna does tell that he actually had 16108 wives, but only eight of them were his principle wives.



 The Star of Lakshmi

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of WealthStar of Lakshmi

The Star of Lakshmi is the eight pointed star made up of two squares.

The points symbolize the eight kinds of wealth provided by Lakshmi.

She is a much worshiped goddess. The festival of Diwali (also known as the festival of lights is hugely in her honor.

She is the goddess who may bring wealth and prosperity to her followers.

Many say she will only visit homes that are tidy and clean. Equally important is that she will not call on indolent people.  

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  2. This is cool .. I didn’t know about the star of Lakshmi .. but yeah, she is supposed to give us 8 kinds of wealth (ASHTAAISWARYAMULU).. including money, grains, clothes, ..

    There are also ASHTADIPALAKULU .. i.e. eight rules of directions .. they are considered holy and stand witnesses to pacts made ..


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