Number 19 Meaning Nineteen

Number 19

Find out why number 19 is concidered both the beginning and the end. Discover lots of more fun facts about 19 here…

Number 18 Meaning Eighteen

Number 18

Number 18 is just about pure joy and success, especially if you live in Asia. Millions of people in Asia truly love this number…

Life Path Number 1-9

Life Path Number

Your life path number is calculated from your birth date. It show which path you should follow through your lifetime. … Read more

Personal Year Numerology

Personal Year

The Nine-Year Cycle In numerology it is believed that every person goes through a nine-year cycle continuously. Each cycle last … Read more

Destiny Numbers 1-9

Destiny Number

How to Calculate Your Destiny Number Your destiny number is always calculated from the name you have on your birth … Read more

Number 8 in Hinduism

 Number 8 in Hinduism Discover where you find the use of number 8 in Hinduism. Compatibility in Marriage Many Hindus … Read more

Number 17 Meaning Seventeen

Number 17

Why is the number 17 considered to be an unlucky number by many people in Europe? Read more here….

Number 16 Meaning Sixteen

Number 16

Number 16 symbolizes perfect completeness. What a great number! Read more fun facts associated with the number 16 here.

Number 3 in Asia

Number 3 in Asia  Squabbling Day The third day of the Chinese New Year is often called the “Squabbling Day”. … Read more

Number 5 in Asia

Number 5 in Asia Hindu Wedding In many Hindu weddings it is customary to place five auspicious items into the … Read more

Roman Numbers

A Short Introduction to the Roman Numeral System The Roman numeral system is commonly used to identify monarchs and popes. … Read more

Number 15 Meaning Fifteen

Number 15

If you find the 15th Tarot card in your spread, you better hope it is upside down. Find out why…

Number 14 Meaning Fourteen

Number 14

Find out why number 14 is an unlucky number in China. The 14th president of the U.S. was unpopular for a good reason.

Yule Lads

In Iceland there is an old legend of the thirteen Yule Lads. They are the children of Gryla and Leppalúdi, … Read more

Number 13 in Judaism

Number 13 in Judaism Bar Mitzvah Thirteen is the age when children officially become teenagers. In Judaism, a boy becomes … Read more

Number 13 Meaning Thirteen

Number 13

Why the number 13 is considered unlucky and who considers it very lucky? What has actually happened on the 13th day?

Number 12 in Mythology

Number 12 in Mythology The Twelve Olympians  – Greek mythology The twelve Olympians were the twelve principle gods that resided … Read more

Number 12 in Islam

Number 12 in Islam The Twelvers  –  Shi’a Islam The Twelve Imams are successors to Muhammad, the profit of Islam. … Read more

Number 12 Meaning Twelve

Number 12

Find out why the European Union flag has 12 stars. What is 12 in symbolism? Number 12 in different religions.

Number 11 Meaning Eleven

Number 11

Discover what number 11 symbolizes. Why is 11 connected to disorder? Enjoy lots of fun facts surrounding number 11!

Number 10 in Kabbalah

Number 10 in Kabbalah -The Tree of Life The Ten Sefirot Kabbalah means “to receive”. Kabbalists seek to receive the knowledge … Read more

10 Avatars Vishnu

Number 10 in Hinduism

Significance of Number 10 in Hinduism The Ten Avatars of Vishnu Hinduism teaches that the god Vishnu will be reincarnated … Read more

Number 10 in the Bible

Significance of Number 10 in the Bible Laban, the father-in-law and uncle of Jacob changed Jacob’s wages ten times. “yet … Read more

Number 10 Meaning Ten

Number 10

The Meaning of Number 10 Number 10 symbolizes the completion of a cycle. It is the number of heaven and … Read more

Number 9 Meaning Nine

Number 9

Number 9 truly is an awesome number! It is wisdom and leadership, completion and fulfillment! Discover lots of fun facts about number 9!

Number 8 in Mythology

Sleipnir Sleipnir was the eight-legged horse in Norse mythology. Sleipnir belonged to Odin, the chief of gods in Norse mythology. … Read more

Number 8 in Buddhism

 Number 8 in Buddhism The Eightfold Path The Eightfold Path is also known as “The Middle Way”. This is the … Read more

Number 8 Meaning Eight

Number 8

Number 8 is just about perfect! This is a favorite number of millions of people. Why is it so lucky in China?

Number 7 in Nowruz

Iranian New Year Nowruz is the New Year celebration. This festivity has been celebrated since ancient times and occurs in … Read more

Seven Laws of Noah

The Seven Laws of Noah are also called the Noahide Laws. According to the Talmud, these laws were given to … Read more

Number 7 in Judaism

 Number 7 in Judaism Menorah The Seven-branched Candelabrum The Menorah has been a symbol for Judaism for about 3000 years. … Read more

Number 7 in Islam

Number 7 in Islam There are seven verses in the first sura (chapter)  in the Qur’an. During the rituals of … Read more

Chinese Ghost Month

Chinese Ghost Month The entire seventh month of the lunar calendar is considered the Ghost month. During this month the … Read more

Number 7 Meaning Seven

Number 7

Number 7 is the number of perfections, security, safety and rest. Take your time and dig into this magnificent number!

Number 6 Meaning Six

Number 6

According to the Pythagoreans number 6 is a perfect number. Discover why this this is rare and why this number is so perfect!

The Pentagram

  Throughout time the pentagram has been used by many as a magical and sacred symbol. Cut an apple in … Read more

Number 5 in Sikhism

 Number 5 in Sikhism Sikhism – The Five K’s                               The Khanda is a symbol of the Khalsa. Sikhism was founded … Read more

Number 5 in Islam

Number 5 in Islam The Five Pillars of Islam  The five pillars are fundamental of the Muslim life.  Shahadah Acknowledge … Read more

Number 5 Meaning Five

Number 5

Number 5 is the number of the human being, of love and marriage. Discover so much more about the number 5!

Number 4 in Judaism

 Number 4 in Judaism Passover Four Cups of Wine – Four Children – Four Questions Pesach (Passover) is the festival … Read more

Number 4 in Buddhism

 Number 4 in Buddhism Siddhartha and the Four Passing Sights Siddhartha Gautama was the son of King Suddhodana and Queen … Read more

Number 4 Meaning Four

Number 4

Number 4 is the number of a strong foundation. Pythagoreans believed it was a perfect number. Yet, millions of people suffer from tetraphobia, the fear of number 4

Number 3 in Mythology

Number 3 in Mythology In Mythology – they often come in groups of three… Creating Mankind – Mayans According to … Read more

Number 3 Meaning Three

Number 3

Number 3 is magic! It is the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding. Discover a large collection of fun facts about number 3!

Number 2 in Mythology

Number 2 in Mythology  Janus – the Two-headed god- Roman myth Janus was the two-headed god. The two heads faced … Read more

Number 2 Meaning Two

Number 2

Number 2 is balance; Yin and Yang. Plato said there was no meaning to number 2…. Read more

Number 1 Meaning One

Number 1

Number one is strength. It is the creative spirit and individuality. Number one is a divine number……