Number 10 in Hinduism

Significance of Number 10 in Hinduism

The Ten Avatars of Vishnu

10 Avatars VishnuHinduism teaches that the god Vishnu will be reincarnated ten times.

Vishnu has been reincarnated nine times.

The final and tenth time is yet to come.

Kalki is expected to be arriving riding on a white horse at the end of Kali Yuga.

Kalki will destroy all evil and a new age will begin called “Satya Yurga”. Kali Yuga is the time period we are in now.


Matsya – The Fish
Kurma – The Turtle
Varaha – The boar
Narasimha – The Man-Lion
Vamana – The Dwarf Brahmin
Kalki – this final reincarnation has not yet happened.









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  1. All gods are one .. ain’t that true ..

    The last pic .. about ten forms of Vishnu is great .. got a pic of bigger / better resolution??

  2. Budda is Vishnu??

    I didn’t know that .. I thought .. Vishu takes forms to kill evil .. to kill demons .. this is the only one form .. where in he didn’t kill anyone ..

    Wonderful .. Tenth form coming soon .. God be with us ..

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