Number 12

 Number 12

number 12Meaning of Number 12

Twelve is a symbol of cosmic order.

Twelve is the number of space and time.

There are 12 months in a year.

Time is measured in two groups of 12 hours

We find the twelve year cycle in Asia.

12 animal signs chinese


The twelve Animal-Signs of the Chinese Zodiac are:


Rat Ox Tiger
Rabbit Dragon Snake
Horse Ram Monkey
Rooster Dog Pig




Cat Lovers will appreciate that in the Vietnamese Zodiac the rabbit is replaced with the cat.

The year 2011 was the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac and the Year of the Cat in the Vietnamese zodiac.

12 zodiac star signs 

Fire Signs: Aries Leo Sagittarius

Earth Signs: Taurus Virgo Capricorn

Air Signs: Gemini Libra Aquarius

Water Signs: Cancer Scorpio Pisces


There are twelve signs in the Zodiac. Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac. (February 18 to March 20)

 tarot 12 card

In the Tarot twelve is the card of the hanged man.

The Hanged Man is symbolic of self-sacrifice and meditation.

Reversed it represents selfishness.


Twelve Sage Leaves

There was an old saying in England that if a young maiden wanted to see her future husband she must pick twelve sage leaves as the clock strikes 12 o’clock midday on St. Mark’s day (April 25th).

The Twelve Tribes of Israel

Jacob had twelve sons; they are considered the ancestors of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Ruben  Simeon Levi Judah  Dan Naphtali
Gad Asher Issachar  Zebulun Josef Benjamin

 Bat Mitzvah

Bat MitzvahIn Judaism is girl becomes Bat Mitzvah when she is twelve years old. Bat Mitzvah means “Daughter of the Commandment”.

She is now obligated to keep the mitzvah which is related to Jewish women.


The Flag of the European Union

European Union flagThe flag has 12 stars. The number of stars does not have anything to do with any number of countries that are members.

The number 12 was chosen for the symbolism it represents.

The number 12 is found in cultures and religion in all of Europe.

The number 12 reflects to the ancient meaning of 12 being the number of perfection.

The number 12 is the result of 4×3, 4 elements – 4 corners of the earth – 4 cardinal points. When these are multiplied 4 x 3, three being the sacred number of God, the result is 12 – the perfect number.

The official description states:

“Against the blue sky of the western world, the stars represent the people of Europe in a circle, a symbol of unity.

Their number shall be invariably set to twelve, the symbol of completeness and perfection.”

 The design of the flag seems to be enthused by the Bible verse in Revelation 12:1:

“And a great portent appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars;”  Revelation 12:1


Madonna in Glory - Doci 1670The Italian painter, Carlo Dolci (1616-1686) was inspired by the same Bible verse and painted “Madonna in Glory” in 1670.

Reading the Bible verse and looking at Dolci’s painting may answer some questions about the design of the flag.

The European flag was officially adopted on December 8, 1955. It may just be a coincidence, but December 8th is also the Catholic Feast of the Immaculate Conception.


Cleopatra’s Needle and the Twelve Beautiful Women

Cleopatra Needle LondonWhen Cleopatra’s Needle was raised on the Embankment in London (1878), a time capsule was buried at its base.

The time capsule contains among other things: newspapers, Bibles in different languages, coins, railway timetables, a box of hair pins, a razor and pictures of the twelve most beautiful women in England.

The identities of these twelve gorgeous women are kept a secret.

The Twelve days of Christmas

In Christian tradition there are twelve days of Christmas. These are from Christmas Day (December 25th) to Epiphany.

The end of the twelve days is often marked by the feast of Epiphany, usually on January 6.

Epiphany is the celebration of the arrival of the wise men. They were the first people outside the Jewish world, to see and believe in the infant Jesus Christ.

There are twelve gifts that “my true love” sent in the traditional Christmas song: The Twelve Days of Christmas.


The song came in printed form about 1780.

Grapes for Good Luck

12 New Year Grapes

If you want to ensure good luck for the coming year, you must eat twelve grapes as the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve.

Each grape represents one month of the coming year.

This tradition is found in Spain as well as in South America.

Apollo 12

Apollo 12Apollo 12 was the second manned spacecraft to land on the moon. It launched November 14, 1969 (Lunar landing November 19, 1969)

Twelve people have walked on the moon.


Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong
Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin
Apollo 12 Peter Conrad
Apollo 12 Alan Bean
Apollo 14 Edgar Mitchell
Apollo 14 Alan Shepard
Apollo 15 David Scott
Apollo 15 James Irwin
Apollo 16 John W. Young
Apollo 16 Charles Duke
Apollo 17 Eugene Cernan
Apollo 17 Harrison Schmitt

12 men on moon

 There are usually twelve people (jurors) on a jury.

The Hawaiian alphabet has twelve letters; 5 vowels (a – e – i – o – u) and 7 consonants (h – k – l – m – n -p – w).

Magnesium has the Atomic number 12.

U.S. President

North Carolina became the 12th state of the United States. (November 21, 1789)

Zachary Taylor Presidential coinZachary Taylor was the twelfth president of the United States. 1849 – 1850. 

Taylor was the last President to hold slaves while in office.

He was only President for 16 months. He died of stomach flu.


The Twelfth

 The Twelfth is celebrated among the Protestants in Northern Ireland. It is also called the “Orange Fest” and “Orangemen’s Day”.

It is in remembrance of the Battle of Boyne on July 12, 1690. William of Orange (Protestant) won over King James II (Roman Catholic). William of Orange was married to King James II’s daughter Mary, making him the King’s son-in-law

King James II (known as King James II in England and Ireland and as King James VII in Scotland) was a Roman Catholic, his daughter Mary was a Protestant. He was the last Catholic King.

William and Mary would later reign was King William III and Queen Mary II.


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