Number 15

 Number 15

Number 15 is the number of the Magic Square.

Number 15

The magic square has been used in magic and as a talisman in many cultures around the globe for centuries.

In Asia the magic square is called Lo Shu and is used to this day as a tool in feng-shui.

15 magic square
According to legend, it originated around 2205 BC when the Emperor discovered the magic square on the back of a turtle.


15 pool ballsNumber 15 is a triangular number: 1+2+3+4+5=15

Phosphorus has the atomic number of 15.

A crystal anniversary celebrates fifteen years.

May 15th is the International Day of Families.

February 15th is Susan B. Anthony Day celebrated in the U.S.Susan B. Anthony (February 15, 1820 – March 13, 1906) worked all her life for the rights of women.

Tarot card 15She also worked for the Anti-Slavery Society.


In the Tarot 15 is the card of the Devil Rider.
The Devil symbolizes failure or reduction. Reversed it implies a release from something binding.

Quinceañera – The very important birthday

Quinceañere is a grand fancy dress celebration when a girl turns 15 years old. Quineañera actually means “one who is 15”. This is the day the young girl officially enters womanhood.

15th birthdayThere are several customs during the festivity involved dancing and lots of good food. The birthday girl is dressed up looking magnificent, like a princess.

Often the birthday girl will give away 15 candles. She will give one candle to each of the 15 people who have had most positive impact in her life.

The Secret Language of Birthdays

Quinceañera is observed in Central America and South America. It is an important day in many countries including Mexico, Cuba, Ecuador, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Peru.

In History

The Fifteenth President

James Buchanan Presidential CoinJames Buchanan was the 15th President of the United States. He is the only President to date that was not married. Buchanan was an active Freemason.

He was criticized for not doing anything to prevent the crises between the North and South. During his last month as President, seven Southern states left the Union.

Abraham Lincoln died February 15, 1865. He was the 16th President of the United States. Lincoln was shot the day before in Ford’s Theatre, Washington D.C.

Kentucky became the 15th state in 1792.

Magna Carta

The famous document of fundamental rights known as the “Magna Carta” was signed by the English King John on June 15, 1215. This document was to secure certain rights of the people and specified that the Crown was not above the law.

The Royal Chancery formalized the document on July 15, 1215.

The barons who drew up the document were determined to legalize the new laws. The King sealed the Magna Carta involuntarily.  


Elizabeth I was crowned Queen of England January 15, 1559 in Westminster Abby, London.

Julius Caesar was murdered on March 15, 44 B.C. He was stabbed to death in the Roman Senate.

Mata HariMata Hari 1906

Mata Hari was executed on October 15, 1917 in France.

She had been found guilty of espionage in favor of Germany during World War I.

It has been reported that this exotic Dutch dancer from was neither bound nor blindfolded and remained calm when the firing squad shot her.


The Fifteen

The first Jacobite Rising is known simply as “The Fifteen” because it occurred in 1715.

The Jacobites were English and Scottish supporters of the Stuarts.

The last Stuart king was James, known as King James II in England and Ireland and as King James VII in Scotland. He was the last Catholic king.

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