Number 2 in Mythology

Number 2 in Mythology 

Janus – the Two-headed god- Roman myth

Janus was the two-headed god. The two heads faced opposite directions. Janus was the god of the doorways and entrances.

He could see both the past and the future.Number 2 in mythology Janus

Images of Janus were often found on city walls. The double gated temple of Janus in Rome was always kept closed during times of peace.

The gates of Janus opened only when Rome went to war. This was to ensure immediate help from Janus when needed.

The month of January is named after Janus.

Bust of Janus, Vatican Museum,Rome

Romulus and Remus – Roman myth

The twin brothers Romulus and Remus had been thrown into the River Tiber. Their great uncle thought the two boys could come to claim the throne as adults and he wanted to get rid of them.

The father of the two boys was the war god named Mars. He sent a wolf to save his sons. The wolf nursed the twin boys. Later a shepherd found the twins and raised them as his own.

As adults the brothers decided to become founders of new a city. Romulus and Remus got into a frightful argument about what to name the city.

Romulus killed his brother during this fight. He then founded the city of Rome. Romulus was considered the first king of Rome.

Freyja and her Cats – Norse Mythology

Freyja and 2 catsThe goddess Freya was a stunningly beautiful goddess in Norse myth Freyja was the goddess of love.

She mastered spells and magic. Freya rode across the sky in a carriage pulled by two cats.

Odin – 2 Ravens and 2 Wolves – Norse Mythology

OdinOdin was the chief god in Norse myth, often called the Allfather.

He owned two ravens. Their names were Hugin and Munin.

Hugin means “thought” and Munin means “memory”.

The two ravens flew from Asgard (the home of the gods) every morning. They would return each evening reporting to Odin all that they had seen and heard.

The chief god Odin also had two wolves named Freki and Geri.  

Thor god of thunder and his Two Goats

thor 2 goatsThor was the god of thunder and the son of Odin.

He owned a magic hammer called Mjollnir.

Thor rode across the sky in a chariot pulled by two goats.

The names of the two goats were Tooth-grinder and Tooth-gnasher. Thursday is named after Thor the god of thunder.

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  2. I’m just curious, my favorite number, for years, has been 22. Its even, its not a large number but it makes me happy (as do most even numbers). What is the significance of this number? Does it mean anything and if so, what? I read that 2 is both good and evil, light and dark, etc. and I read somewhere if the number is repeated then you would have that many times in your life. I’m generally a very happy, positive person and tend to see the good in most everything. I don’t get all hung up on this stuff but I am curious.


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