Number 3 in Mythology

Number 3 in Mythology

In Mythology – they often come in groups of three…

Creating Mankind – Mayans

According to the Popol-Vuh, it took three attemps to create mankind. 

1. The first man was made of clay, but it was destroyed by a flood.

2. The second man was made of wood, but was washed away in a storm.

3. The third was made from maize, from whom we are all descended.

Inanna – Rose from the Dead after 3 Days

number 3 in mythology InannaInanna Rose from the Dead after Three Days and Three Nights – Sumerian

Inanna, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, descended to the Underworld to attend her brother-in-laws funeral. 

Ereshkigal (her sister) was the Queen of the Underworld, which was a dark and gloomy place. After arriving Inanna was killed.

For three days and three nights her corpse hung on a hook.

Enki (the god of freshwater, magic and culture), created two sexless creatures and sent them to the Underworld to save Inanna.

On the third day, Inanna returned to the world of the living. Her sister had demanded that someone was to take her place in the Underworld.

When Inanna discovered her husband, Dumuzi, had not mourned her death she was furious and ordered him to take her place in the Underworld.

Dumuzi was terrified and tried to escape, but a fly conveniently informed Inanna where he was to be found.

Dumuzi’s sister was in great despair and offered to take his place.

It was finally agreed that Dumuzi was to spend one half of the year in the Underworld and his sister the other half.

Manuk Manuk – Sumatran 

Manuk Manuk was the name of the fabulous blue chicken. This blue chicken belonged to the supreme god. On day Manuk Manuk laid three huge eggs. From these three eggs emerged three new gods. These three gods created the three different levels of the universe;

1. The heaven (upper world),

2. The earth (lower world)

3. The underworld.

The god/spirits of the entrance 

In Ancient Rome there were gods and goddesses for almost everything. The entrance of a home was protected by three different gods. They had the power to keep evil demons from entering the house. Cardea was especially good at keeping small children safe at night.

The three gods were:

1. Forculus – god of doors

2. Cardea – goddess of hinges and door handles

3. Limentinus – god of thresholds


Ancient Babylonia  

Ancient Babylonia told stories of the trinity creator gods.

Their names were:

 Anu – Bael – Ea

Number 3 in Greek Mythology

Number 3 in Norse Mythology


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