Number 4 in Mythology

 Number 4 in Mythology

In Norse mythology four rivers of milk flowed from the teats of the cow, Audhumla.

This is the cow that licked salt from the stone from which Buri was created.

Buri was the first god and grandfather of Odin (the well known chief of gods)number 4 in mythology

Also in Norse myth there were four dwarfs who supported the sky.

They were placed in each corner of the world and their names were:

North – South – East – West.

In Norse myth we find Yggdrasil the Tree of Life.

Four deer lived in this tree.

Their names were: Dåin, Dvalin, Dunøyr and Duratro.

The Goddess Freyja

goddess freyjaFreyja was the goddess of love, beauty, magic and death in Norse mythology.

She owned a gorgeous necklace named Brisingamen.

One day when she was out walking, she came to a huge stone where some dwarfs lived. The stone was open and Freyja entered.

Once inside she saw the most beautiful necklace she had ever laid her eyes on.

The four dwarfs living in the stone had made it. Dwarfs were masters of craftsmanship.

Freyja begged to purchase the necklace. The dwarfs would not sell it for any amount of gold.

Freyja asked them to name their price. They replied that she may keep the necklace if she would spend one night with each of the four dwarfs. Freyja went along with the deal.

After four night of lovemaking, she walked away with the necklace. That is how Freyja became the owner of Brisingamen.

Freya by J. Doyle Penrose. 1862-1932

Helios and his Horses in Greek Myth

The Horses of Helios. Piccadilly Circus, London.

Helios was the sun-god. He had a chariot made of gold and precious gems. It was drawn by four horses. The names of the horses were:

Eous – Æthon  Phlegon – Pyrois

Helios made daily journeys across the sky from east to west. Helios saw and heard everything.

In 290 BCE a giant statue of Helios was built in Rhodes. It was 140 feet high. The Helios statue fell down in the earthquake in 226 BCE.

In Roman myth Helios is called Sol.

The Dragon Kings – Chinese Myth

The four Dragon Kings rule the four seas, each sea corresponding to one of the four cardinal directions.

The Dragon Kings live in crystal palaces. The palaces are guarded by crab generals and shrimp soldiers.

The Dragon Kings have the power to control the clouds and the rain, in addition to the seas. If they are upset, they will cause floods. 

1. Dragon King of the East – Ao Guang

2. Dragon King of the West – Ao Run

3. Dragon King of the North – Ao Shun

4. Dragon King of the South – Ao Qin

The Four Children of Lir – Irish Myth

Lir was the god of the sea. Lir and Aeb had four children, one daughter and three sons.

The girl was named Fionuala. One son was named Aodh and the twin boys were named Fiachra and Conn.

Aeb died and Lir married her sister, Aoife. The four children were turned into swans by their jealous stepmother.

They were cursed to live as swans for 900 years. They had to endure the cold waters, charming their listeners with their songs.

The spell could only be broken if the children were blessed by a monk.

Fortunately Saint Patrick converted Ireland to Christianity and eventually the spell was broken. The children had grown old, but were baptized before they died.

“The Children of Lir”, sculpture in the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin, Ireland.


The Canopic Jars

The Four Sons of Horus – Egyptian Mythology

These jars were placed around the dead.

The four jars were representative for the four sons of Horus.


1. The jar of Duamutef contained and protected the stomach of the deceased. It was placed in the east corner.

2. The jar of Qebehseneuf contained and protected the intestines. It was placed in the west corner

3. The jar of Hapi contained and protected the lungs. It was placed in the north corner.

4. The jar of Imsety contained and protected the liver. It was placed in the south corner.

The heart remained in the body. The brain was thrown out.

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