Number 4

Meaning of Number 4

number 4Number 4 is the number of stability, order and completion of justice

Number 4 is the number of the earth and mankind.

Number 4 is the number of the square.

Number 4 symbolizes building a strong foundation.

There are four cardinal points:

North – South – East – West

There are four winds.

There are four phases of the moon.

There are four seasons.

In the West we have four elements: earth – air – fire – water.

Number 4 – A Perfect Number

tetradThe Pythagoreans believed the number four, the Tetrad, was a perfect number.

They taught that the Tetrad symbolized God.

In Pythagorean philosophy there are four parts to the soul:

mind – opinion – science – sense

The Four-Leaf Clover

4 leaf cloverThe four-leaf clover is believed to bring luck to the finder,

especially if it is found unexpectedly. Each of the four leaves symbolizes something special:

hope – faith – love – Luck



The fourth year anniversary is traditionally celebrated with fruits and flowers in the Western world.

Astrology and the Tarot

4 Emporer Rider WaiteCancer is the fourth astrological sign. June 22 – July 22 Number four is the number of Mars.

Number four is lucky for Leo and Scorpio.

In the Tarot the number four is the card of the Emperor.

The Emperor represents material goods and worldly authority.

Reversed it means immaturity.


Number 4 ChineseTetraphobia or the fear of number 4 is common in East Asia. You may especially notice Tetraphobia in China, Japan and Taiwan.

In these countries four is pronounced the same as the word for “death” (shi).

Many apartment and business buildings, hospitals, and hotels will skip the room and floor number four.

The same goes for the industry and their military vessels.

When visiting never give a present made up of four pieces, for example never give four flowers. That would be a huge insult.

Pueblo People

New Mexico flagThe number four is sacred to the Pueblo people. The Zia Pueblo sun symbol is used on the flag of New Mexico, USA.

The four sets of four strips symbolizes: four seasons – four directions – four corners of the earth – four elements

Book of Gates

In the “Book of Gates” humans are divided into four different races: Egyptian – Asiatic – Libyan – Nubian

The 4 Castes in India

In India there were four different castes (classes).

Almost every person belonged to one of the four castes. This was determined by birth, you always belonged to the caste of your parents.

Some people were so unfortunate they did not belong to any caste, they were known as  the “untouchables”. Today they are called the “Dalits”.

There were strict rules for what each caste could or could not do. Each caste also had many subcastes.

Even though the government now has outlawed the caste system, it is still practiced in many parts of India.

Being a vital part of the society of India for over two thousand years, it has proven to take time to change the way of life and thinking.

The four castes are:

Brahmins : priests, scholars and philosophers

Kshatriyas: warriors and rulers

Vaishyas: traders, merchants and farmers

Shudras: laborers and servants


Four Thieves Vinegar

Four thieves vinegar was a secret herb mix believed to be consumed by thieves during the plague in France.

These herbs were said to be the reason thieves could rob the sick and dead without getting sick themselves. The four herbs were thyme, lavender, sage and rosemary.

London burned

The London fire lasted four days. It started on September 2, 1666 on Pudding Lane in the house of the King’s baker.

Over 13000 houses burned down and almost 90% of the City’s population lost their homes.

To be Hung, Drawn and Quartered

hung, drawn and quarteredTo be hung, drawn and quartered was the full punishment for high treason in medieval England.

The condemned prisoner was sentenced to be dragged on a wooden frame to the place of execution (drawn) be hanged by the neck until almost dead (hung) be beheaded and divided into four parts (quartered)

Edward Despard was the last person to be sentenced to be hung, drawn and quartered on February 21, 1803.

Picture of a sign outside the Hung, Drawn and Quartered pub in Tower Hill, London.

 Round Churches in England

There are only four round churches to be found in England.

1. Temple Church in London

2. The Round Church of St. Andrew the Great in Cambridge

3. The Holy Sepulchre in Northampton

4. Church of St. John the Baptist in Little Maplestead, Essex

James Madison Presidential CoinFourth President

James Madison was the fourth president of the United States. 1809 – 1817.

He was the principal author of the US Constitution. Madison was only five feet four tall. His wife, Dolly Todd was 17 years younger. He owned a tobacco plantation in Virginia and had many slaves.

 Presidents Murdered

Assassination of President LincolnFour U.S. presidents have been killed in office. 

1. Abraham Lincoln –  April 15, 1865

2.  James A. Garfield –  September 19, 1881

3. William McKinley – September 14, 1901

4. John F. Kennedy – November 22, 1963

July 4th is “Independence Day” in the United States. 56 delegates signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776.

Two presidents died on July 4th 1826.

John Adams (2nd president of the US) and Thomas Jefferson (3rd president of the US) both died on the very same day.

James Monroe (5th President of U.S.) died July 4, 1831

A Quatrain

 A quatrain is a poem or stanza made up of four lines.

The book “The Prophecies” by Nostradamus (1503 – 1566) contains 941 rhymed quatrains.



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  1. Four it is yellow colour, exctintion (like leavestree at automn), it is our outside world (matrix) where we walking, it is TIME that joined with 3 demensions, it is sedentary….. It is chinese genetic (CH – mean 4), this genetic staying in the middle, they have dna from whites, but they become sedentary near at the sun……Four is something like transitional to the Five, to the END……

    • unnamed player

      Four, is the SUN, CHAN – that name for her is much more suitable for star (with letters CH)….

      • unnamed player

        This is sun, which LEAN to the earth (earth is three)…… 3+1=4, d – death.

        • unnamed player

          we have even meaning for idea of numeric “pi” 3,1415….. – this is 3+1 (3/4 old)….. PI=4, thats why chinese people scaring that number, and they right! It os hot, star, death, end……..

          • unnamed player

            everything numbers relate to letters in alphabet. For instance, 4 relate to sound “ch”( ч), “p”, “b”, “m”…… they must staying in the edge of alphabet, but we have sound “ch” in 23 position from russian alphabet, near from edge. Western languages do not have this letter, it is weird……
            For instance letter “z” it is 1. letters “l,n” may be 2, letter “r” may be 3, letters “p, b, f, m – 4,5…….

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  5. Five is also a beautiful number. A symbol of balance, marriage, man, health, love; a number which can charm anyone. I was thrilled to read about Befana, the witch. It makes us instill the truth value in mythology which is considered to fake at times. This article provides us with information that I have never come across and has thus, enlightened me.

  6. Four for sure is related to justice, stability and such ..

    famous dialogue in our movies was ..

    “Where justice walks on all four legs”

    Indian Ashoka Stupa has four lions in it ..

  7. When you keep referring Pythagoreans .. who is it??

    Are you speaking about followers of Pythagoras .. the person who proposed the theory about hypotenuse in triangle??

    or someone else???

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