Number 5 in Islam

Number 5 in Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam 

The five pillars are fundamental of the Muslim life.

number 5 in Islam

 Shahadah Acknowledge monotheism and accepting Muhammad as God’s messenger. They proclaim: “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”
 Salah   The requirement to pray five times every day 
 Sawm  Ritual Fasting during Ramadan. Muslims in good health do not drink nor eat during daylight hours.
 Zakat   Alms-giving 


Pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca. This is expected of every Muslim who is healthy and can afford to make the trip once in their lifetime. Those who fulfill the Hajj are entitled to add “al-Hajj” to their name. 


5 thoughts on “Number 5 in Islam”

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  2. Dear brother
    Sharing with you the knowledge Allah has bless unto me by way of Ilam

    1) Allah made man with five elements mud, water, fire, air and soul
    2) Five colour Fair, black, brown, red, yellow
    3) Allah made man his viceroy Kalifa on earth and gave him five of his power sight , hearing , speech, intelligence , feeling
    4) Allah gave human being five system Respiratory system , Circulatory system, Digestive system , Excretory system , Nervous system.
    5) Allah gave human being five fingers One Shadad , Roza , zakat , haj and namaj (Thumb)
    6) Allah gave five pillar of Islam
    7) Five essential basic need of human being food, drink ,cloth, house, excretion
    8) Five Dua Faith , Health , Rizak , Personal haszat , Success
    9) Five essential nutrient Carbohydrate, Protein, Vitamin, Mineral & fats
    10) Five type of taste , sweet, salty , bitter , sour , spicy
    11) Panjetan pak Huzur , Ali, Fatima Hasan , Hussein
    12) Five big Prophet Noah , Abraham, Moses , Jesus and Mohammad

    To share with other brother to help them to increase thier faith in Allah

    Request for pray and success in hereafter


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