Number 5 in Mythology

The Ancient Egyptians believed every person was made up of five elements 

  Akh The form the dead had in the Underworld.It was the result of the reunion of the Ka and the Ba.
 Ka The creative life force, it continued to live even after death
Ba  Personality
 Name The name of an individual was considered important for survival
 Shadow It was necessary to protect the shadow from all harm


It was believed that migratory birds were incarnations of the Ba. The Egyptians believes these birds could fly freely between the Underworld and the tomb. 

The physical body of the dead had to be reunited with the Ba in order to survive in the Underworld. For this reason many coffins were decorated with figures of birds.


Rivers of the Underworld

In Greek mythology there were five rivers of the Underworld, Hades.

 Acheron  The river of pain
 Cacytus  The river of wailing
 Phlegethon  The river of fire
Lethe  The river of forgetfulness
Styx  The river of hate


The Fifth Sun

The Aztec people believed they lived in the age of the Fifth Sun. In the center of their calendar stone is the image of the sun god named Tonatiuh.

He was also known as “the Fifth Sun”.

He is surrounded by symbols of the four previous suns/ages of the world. Tonatiuh required human sacrifice to ensure he would be reborn every morning.

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