Number 6 in Buddhism

 Number 6 in Buddhism

Samsara – The Wheel of Life

Samsara or The Wheel of Life is the six spheres of existence that all are trapped in.

Everyone will upon death be reborn in a higher or lower state depending on their karma, good and bad deeds.

The only way to break out of Samsara is by obtaining enlightenment.


Beings in hell

Hell is divided into a hot hell and a cold hell. The hot hell is for those who committed crimes in the heat of the moment. The cold hell is for those who committed calculating crimes. Both hells are gruesome.



 Hungry Ghosts

They have a huge appetite. They have long necks and small mouths.They are constantly starving. 


They are ignorant and their behavior is ruled by instinct. The animals only care about basic needs. 


The rebel gods.They are semi-gods and can be both good and very evil. They are filled with envy and are constantly at war. 



 They are both good and evil.


They have godlike powers. They live in a place with extreme luxury and little suffering. Selfish pride may keep them from enlightenment.


They too are bound in the Samsara and grow old and die.



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