Number 8 in Buddhism

 Number 8 in Buddhism

The Eightfold Path

The Eightfold Path is also known as “The Middle Way”.

This is the way Buddhist followers go to achieve Nirvana and the end of suffering.

1. Right understandingnumber 8 in Buddhism Dharma wheel

2. Right thought

3. Right speech

4. Right action

5. Right livelihood

6. Right effort

7. Right mindfulness

8. Right concentration


Buddha’s Day

Buddha’s Birthday is celebrated on the eighth day of the fourth month in the Chinese Lunar calendar.

Bodhi Day is celebrated on the eighth day of the twelfth month in the Chinese calendar. In Japan it is always celebrated on December 8th.

This is the day Siddhartha sat down under the Bodhi tree determined to remain there until he had received enlightenment.


The Eight Immortals – Taoist Philosophy

The Eight Immortals were not gods, but had earned eternal life.

They had supernatural powers and mastered magic. They could fly through the air at very high speed. Their mission was to fight evil.

They were happy wine drinkers, Chinese folk religion sometimes refer to them as “The Eight Drunken Immortals”.

The Eight Immortals – Temple in Hue, Vietnam

Number 8 in Buddhism – Auspicious Symbols

Buddhist missionaries brought these eight auspicious symbols to China.

They are known as the Ashtamangala.

They are often used in art and in the household.

1. Lotus flower

2. Endless knot

3. Golden fish pair

4. Victory banner

5. Wheel of Dharma

6. Treasure vase

7. Parasol

8. Conch shell

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  1. my birthday also 8 .and i am very happy to find about my life how is going?i had to face too much difficulty but i realize why i am born with this life.before i am so much worried about my life and suffer too much now i am not worried again. i got answer.and even suffer i found the truth.thanks for helping to clear my mind .

  2. Thanks for sharing this information. I have a strong interest in Buddhism and so was happy to see the link with the number 8. My birthday is the 8th day of the 4th month which has a significance with his birthday. However more importantly I am setting up a business and am looking to choose a number which has 888 at the end so I am hoping it will bring plenty of luck!

  3. My friend is always interested in Buddhism and wanted to know about the significance of number 8 in Buddhism, and as I was searching for it, I read your article, and it helped me cleared all my worries. Now, I can tell my friend everything she wanted to know. Your article is so apt, and focuses on intricate details as well. I loved this article, and found it so useful.

  4. The principles of BUDDHA are wonderful ..

    he is here to bring peace .. let the stars favor upon us and let all of us bask in peace ..

    I will keep a note, that 8 is auspicious to the Budda ..

  5. I wonder what the Endless Knot means …

    The picture you gave looks like some kind of puzzle .. (by the way, kindly considering tagging pictures .. for sake of clarity .. sake of on page and off page SEO) ..

    How can something like that exist?? if it is endless??


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