Number 9 in Greek Mythology

 Number 9 in Greek Mythology

The Muses

The Nine Muses in Greek mythology were daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (Memory). Zeus and Mnemosyne had a love affair that lasted nine nights.

They were the goddesses who inspired gifted artists, musicians, dancers and authors.

The Muses were followers of god Apollo (god of music and prophecy), but also good friends of the goddess Athena (Greek myth)/ Minerva (Roman myth).

Plato built an altar for the Nine Muses in the library of his famous school, The Academy.

“Muse” is the source for words like museum, amuse, music and mosaic.

The word “museum” means shrine or temple to the Muses.

The picture is of the Nine Muses and Minerva.

The Nine Muses:

Calliope protector of Epic Poetry
Clio protector of History
Erato protector of Lyric Poetry
Euterpe protector of Music
Melpomene protector of Tragedy
Polyhymnia protector of Sacred Poetry
Terpsichore protector of Dance
Talia protector of Comedy
Urania protector of Astronomy




Demeter and Persephone reunited

In Greek mythology: Demeter. In Roman mythology: Cerus.

The Greek goddess Demeter (goddess of grain) went for nine days and nine nights searching for her beloved daughter, Core. She was only to discover that Core had been abducted by Hades (god of the Underworld).

To make a long story short, they came to an agreement that Core was to spend three months of every year with Hades as his queen of the Underworld.

She was to be known as Persephone. Grain would not grow during those three months, as Demeter longed for her daughter.

The remaining nine months Persephone would be reunited with her mother.

 “The Return of Persephone” 1891 Painter: Frederic Leighton


Zeus had quite a few love affairs.

He had an affair with Leto (goddess of the night). Leto got pregnant.

She had to flee from the rage of Hera (the wife of Zeus). Leto found refuge on an island.

For nine days and nine nights she suffered horrific pains of labor before giving birth to the twins, Artemis (goddess of hunting) and Apollo (god of music and prophecy).

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