Seven Laws of Noah

The Seven Laws of Noah are also called the Noahide Laws.

According to the Talmud, these laws were given to Noah by God as binding laws for all mankind.

As every person on earth is a child of Noah, these laws apply to all of mankind, not only the Jews. This according to the Noahide movement.

It is said that any non-Jew who follows these laws is assured a place in the world to come.

Six of these laws were given first to Adam in the Garden of Eden.

The seventh law “eating flesh from a living animal” was added after the Flood of Noah.

There is a growing movement of non-Jews who have accepted these Laws of Noah and have chosen to live their lives according to them.

The movement is called the B’nei Noach, Children of Noah.

The rainbow is the modern symbol of the Noahide Movement.

This is in remembrance of the rainbow that appeared after the Great Flood of the Bible.

1. You shall have no other idols before God

2. You shall not blaspheme God’s name

3. You shall not murder.

4. You shall not steal.

5. You shall not commit incest or adultery, nor male homosexual intercourse.

6. You shall establish courts of justice.

7. You shall not eat the flesh cut from a living animal.

 (This also implies: Do not eat or drink blood)


6 thoughts on “Seven Laws of Noah”

  1. Seven has so much importance, that the laws given by God to Noah were also seven. This shows how much this number is valued in rituals, religion and mythology. Also, rainbow which also has seven colors is taken as a symbol for modern Noahide movement. Again the connection between seven-seven is so amazing. It was good to know these laws and their connection with seven.

  2. Irrespective of religion .. it would be great if we follow the laws 3 through 7 ..

    they are good laws .. on which a society can be formed .. a nation can be built ..

    You forget them, you become war like race / loop sided race / idiots and freaks ..

    • What you speak is true for sure ..

      it would be a good world .. when everyone follows those laws ..

      I was wondering .. if Tarzan is your true surname .. or you added it?? The pic is from Tarzan Cartoon series .. does it ring any bell??


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