The Pentagram


Throughout time the pentagram has been used by many as a magical and sacred symbol.

Cut an apple in two across the “equator”. You will find that the seeds in each half form a pentagram.

Eve gave Adam the apple of knowledge, the pentagram became a symbol of wisdom and the power to make choices.

It also symbolizes the figure of a human with outstretched arms and legs.

The Pythagoreans believed the pentagram to symbolize health and light. It was a sacred symbol. 

It was the symbol of the Greek goddess of health, Hygeia.

The pentagram represented higher knowledge.

They would also use it as a secret sign to recognize each other.

The Five points symbolize spirit, air, fire, water and earth.

Sir Gawain, a knight of King Authurs Round Table, had a pentagram on his shield. He was said to be “faithful five ways and five times each”.


The pentagram is a symbol of the Bahá’i faith. They call it the “Haykal”, the temple.

The Freemasonry use the pentagram as a symbol called “Blazing Star”.

Turned around with two points up the pentagram symbolizes the devil. Satanists use the pentagram with two points up as their symbol. They use the inverted pentagram with two circles around it and the head of a goat inside it.

It symbolizes, for Christians, the five wounds of Christ. Many Christians also see the pentagram as a symbol of Christ, as “Alpha and Omega”. It symbolizes the star of Bethlehem. This is a symbol of guidance. It is important that the star has one point upwards.

3 thoughts on “The Pentagram”

  1. Hello all Nice to be with all of you I believe I was born a Natural Witch and am proud of this.. I will share most rctenely our newly rescued dog was having some strange issues waking and running through the house as if he was still asleep and growling while in this state he is a very big boy I decided ( because he is so mystical) He and I would share a spell away from the other 4 dogs he responed beautifully..that night I suddenly came down with the most intense headache as he too was acting strangely as if he did not feel well we went to bed early and my husband had Kodi sleep next to my side of the bed we woke together in the morning no more headache and no more episodes ever

  2. I never thought that pentagram also hold so much importance that it is considered to be symbol of health, wisdom, and of light. The five points symbolizes the elements of earth, which is again an amazing fact. The astonishing fact related to this is that the same symbol can become the symbol of devil, if it is turned around those two points. Unbelievable!

    • I believe The Star is actually the image God speaks of in the Holy Bible (around Gen6 ) as of creating man in the image of him is how I understand it; turning satanic when the point becomes reversed. (the fallen angel and followers. Man is the image of the star.


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