Yule Lads

In Iceland there is an old legend of the thirteen Yule Lads.

They are the children of Gryla and Leppalúdi, descendants of trolls. The family lives up in the mountains.

Gryla was known to steal naughty children and use the children as ingredients in her stew.

No doubt parents in earlier times told stories about Gryla to keep their children from misbehaving.

Gryla also has a cat that was known to eat any child who did not have a new piece of clothing by Christmas.

The thirteen Yule Lads were quite mischievous, as their names imply. The reputation of the family has fortunately greatly improved.

The thirteen Yule Lads arrive one day at a time and will also leave one day at a time.

Children put a shoe on the window sill.

If the child has been good the Yule Lad will leave a small gift or candy in the shoe.

If the child has been naughty the Yule Lad will leave a potato in the shoe.

Yule Lad Arrival Departure
 Stekkjarstaur Sheepfold Stick (Harasses sheep) 12th of December 25th of December
 Giljagaur Gully Imp 13th of December 26th of December
 Stúfur  Shorty 14th of December 27th of December
 Þvörusleikir  Spoon-licker 15th of December 28th of December
 Pottasleikir  Pot-licker 16th of December 29th of December
 Askasleikir  Bowl-licker 17th of December 30 of December
 Hurðaskellir  Door-Slammer 18th of December 31 of December
 Skyrgámur Skyr Gobbler (skyr is a yoghurt type) 19th of December 1st of January
 Bjúgnakrækir  Sausage-snatcher 20th of December 2nd of January
 Gluggagægir  Window-peeper 21st of December 3rd of January
 Gáttaþefur  Sniffer 22nd of December 4th of January
 Ketkrókur  Meat-hook 23rd of December 5th of January
 Kertasníkir  Candle-beggar 24th of January 6th of January


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