Personal Year

The Nine-Year Cycle

Personal year in Nine Year Cycle

In numerology it is believed that every person goes through a nine-year cycle continuously.

Each cycle last a year. As one nine-year cycle is completed, a new one begins.

How to calculate where you are in the cycle

Figuring out where you currently are in the cycle is easy.

Write down your birth date and the month of your birthday. Write down the current year. Add all the digits until you are left with a single digit.

For example let’s say your birthday is May 16th. Write down 5 (May is the fifth month) and 16.

Add 5+1+6= 12

Now add 1+2 = 3

For the current year 2013 – add 2+0+1+3= 6

Finally add 3+6=9

A person born on May 16th would be in the ninth cycle representing “completion” in 2013.

The Stages of the Cycle

1 Beginning

If you are in Personal Year 1 you really need to reexamine your goals. This is the year that lays down the foundation for all the years in the new cycle. This would be an awesome year to start new projects.

Your main focus should be on yourself and what your passions and goals are for your life.

2 –Connecting

If you are in the Personal Year 2 it will be a year you need to focus on your relationship with others.

Now it is important to listen and compromise. You need to be sensitive to the needs of others.

This will be a slow, but valuable year.

3 – Creating

If you are in the Personal Year 3 it will be a year you need to express yourself, to come in touch with your true feelings and emotions. This may be done in so many different ways; through socializing, writing, singing, painting, dancing and so on and on.

This is about telling the truth as you see it. This year can be both agonizing and inspirational.

4 –Building

If you are in the Personal Year 4 it may be that you will have a lot of hard work to do. This is when you should lay down a solid foundation for your future and getting things in order.

On the practical side it may propose taking care of business such as securing your home or starting a family.

On the emotional level it may be to finally start the task of digging into your roots. If you have unsolved issues in your past this is the year to straighten things out.

5 – Changing

If you are in the Personal year 5 it is all about changing in almost any aspect. It could simply just involve getting a new job or moving to a new location. Perhaps you discover a new skill you want to master.

Needless to say this is an awesome year to travel and expand your horizons.

On the deeper level it could involve change in inner believes.

6 – Nurturing

If you are in the Personal year 6 it is all about your loved ones. During this year it will be very important to care for and show your family members appreciation.

This is a time when your life revolves around your family.

7 –Reevaluating

If you are in the Personal year 7 it is all about making sure you get some time to meditate in solitude. Reexamine your core values. You may want to seek advice from a healer or someone else whom you trust.

If you ever dreamed of taking a Sabbath year this would certainly be a great time to exactly that. This is a year for cleansing.

It is also a year of legal matters. There is a high probability that legal disputes are resolved during the course of the year.

8 –Expanding

If you are in the year 8 you are meant to empower yourself. This is when you need to step up and lead; be the boss. Take responsibility and be the authority.

Show that you are capable of being in charge. It could be something in your daily life such as taking charge of organizing a school event or whatever.

It could also be stepping up as a leading power figure in a company.

This is about power. Don’t abuse the power. Remember with power also comes responsibility and integrity.

9 –Completing

This is the final year of the nine-year cycle. Completion and closure are key words this year. This is the time to come to terms with all that you have accomplished during the current cycle.

How did everything work out as you think back to year 1 when you laid down the foundation? Are you closer to your goals? Are you living your passion?

Now is the time to wrap things up. You also need to forgive and forget whatever you have lost or not accomplished.

You will soon be starting a new cycle. Be prepared.

The final year is also about money and assets. People who have gone through the cycle in a caring and passionate manner may often find their wealth has increased.

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16 thoughts on “Personal Year”

  1. I thank you for explaining the calculations. My question is when does your new cycle begin? The first of the new Year or on your Birthday of the new year?

  2. Thank you for sharing this. What I still don’t understand is what that means for the year you were born. In theory, you should be born in your first year, but based on adding your birth month and day and that current year, many people, I, included, are not born in their year 1 personal year. So what does it mean when you are born a different personal year number, say, in my case, a 6? Do you have more of that year’s energy in your life? I haven’t seen anyone address this, but it seems important.
    Thank you.

    • That means your life path number is 6! People with 6 as a life path number are caring, humanitarians, have empathy for people and animals, and are naturally loving

      • Thank you so much for the explanations about the Years. I just turned 75 on July 31st, 2023, so when I was born in 1948, I was in Year 6. The description you provided to the other person, suits me. Just wondering, does your birth Year number stay with you all your life (I assume it does)? Also, how can I find out the characteristics of the other Years? It might help me understand others better. Thanks so much. Carolyn


    • Yes, that does not seem right. I think maybe you misunderstood how to calculate where you are in the nine year cycle.
      Step one
      An example: Let’s pretend your birthday is November 8.
      As November is the 11th month you need to add 1+1+8= 10
      10 has two digits so you need to add these two digits 1+0= 1
      Basically you add all the digits until you are left with one digit.
      If your birthday is April 4th you would add 4 (for April) and 4 for the date. You get number 8 as your final number as it is one digit.
      That was you first step.
      Step two
      Add all the digits in the current year.
      For 2017 it is 2+0+1+7= 10
      1+ 0= 1
      So the number for 2017 is 1.
      For 2016 it would be 2+0+1+6= 9
      Step 3
      Add the number you got in step one with the number you got in step two.
      If your birthday was November 8th, your number in step one was 1
      2017 has the number 1 also. 1+1=2
      If your birthday was November 8th you are in the second cycle: connecting.
      If your birthday was April 4th it would be 8+1= 9 and you would be in the ninth cycle: Completing

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