Number 12 in Islam

Number 12 in Islam

The Twelvers  –  Shi’a Islam

The Twelve Imams are successors to Muhammad, the profit of Islam.

They are infallible and have a close relationship with God.

They keep the Devine Law and therefore they are able to guide believers.

number 12 in Islam Husayn Mosque Each of the Imams was the son of the previous Imam except Husayn ibn Ali, who was the brother of Hasan ibn Ali.

There are special prayers for each of the infallible Imams during the weekdays. Shi’a Muslims believe that pilgrimage to their tombs will bring favorable rewards.

The first eleven Imams were murdered.

The last and twelfth Imam disappeared as a young child.

The Twelvers believe he is still alive and is in occultation.

When the twelfth Imam returns he will bring justice and peace to the world.

The Twelvers do wait for the promised return of the twelfth Imam, the Promised Mahdi.


1. Ali 

 (600 – 661)

Ali was the cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad.He was married to Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.Sunni Mulims consider him the fourth Caliph. Shi’a Muslims consider him to be the first Imam.He was slashed with a poisoned sword while praying in the mosque of Kufa . He died from the wounds.

2. Hasan

(625  669)

He was the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, the son of Fatima and Ali.Both Sunni and Shi’a Muslims regard him as a martyr.He was poisoned by his fourth wife, Ju’da. 

3. Husayn

 (626 – 680)

He was the grandson of Fatima and the Prophet Muhammad.He was the brother of the second Imam, Hasan ibn Ali.Husayn was beheaded in the Battle of Karbala. 

4. Zayn al  Abidin 

(659 – 712)

Aayn al Abidin was the great-grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, son of Husayn ibn Ali.He survived the Battle of Karbala because he was too sick to fight. He became the fourth Imam.He was murdered by poisoning. 

5. Muhammad  al-Baqir

(676- 743)

He was the son of the previous Imam.He was well respected among Muslims for his Islamic scholarship.He was murdered by poisoning. 

6. Ja’far al-Sadiq

(702 – 765)

He was the son of the former Imam.He is known among other things as the founder of the Shia fiqh, an expansion of the Sharia Islamic law.He was murdered by poisoning. 

7. Musa al-Kazim

( 745 – 799)

He was the son of the sixth Imam.He was murdered by poisoning. 

8. Ali al-Rida

 ( 765 – 818)

He was the son of Ali al-Rida.It is believe he was murdered by poisoning. 

9. Muhammad al-Taqi

( 811 – 835)

He was only eight years old when he became Imam.He died at the age of 25.He was poisoned by his wife. 

10. Ali al-Naqi

(828 – 868)

He was only a young boy when he became Imam.The son of Muhammad al-Taqi.He was murdered by poisoning. 

11. Hasan al-Askari

 ( 846 – 874)


 He died by poisoning only 28 years old. 

12. Muhammed Mahdi

(873 – ???)

The son of Hasan al-Askari. He went into hiding as a young child.Shi’a muslims believe he is still alive and they are waiting for his return. 

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